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Irma Bruun Hodne Irma Bruun Hodne

Irma Bruun Hodne was born in Oslo in 1919. She studied at the State School of Handicrafts and Design (1939-42) and the Norwegian Art Academy (1946-9). In 1952 she was a visiting artist at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen. Irma Bruun Hodne had her first major showing in Oslo at the prestigious, juried Autumn Exhibition in 1952. She also exhibited that year at the Stavanger Art Association, and in 1954 at the West Coast Exhibit. She has had solo exhibitions in Bergen, Brandbu, Haugesund, Klepp, Lillehammer, Oslo, Stavanger, Stord, and Ålesund. She is a member of the Norwegian Artist Association (BKF and NBK), and the Norwegian Sculptors’ Association; and has been on the board of art institutions, been a jury member of the West Coast exhibitions, as well as an art consultant in municipal building projects. Irma Bruun Hodne’s sculpture and monumental decoration has been purchased by the Rogaland Art Museum, the Norwegian Cultural Council, Stavanger, Bryne and Haugesund museums or municipalities, and Stavanger Aftenblad. Her sculptures stud city parks, and have been purchased by several Stavanger schools, the regional hospital, and Mosheim home for the aged. “I find myself inspired in the small things in life,” she says of her work. “When I look around me, and think of the greatness in small things, and the diversity of life, I feel, as a Christian, that there is a place for everyone in our world. Sculpting and creating works of art give me great joy, and I want to convey a sense that there is a lot of goodness in the world, that can be shared, through art.”

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